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Residential Water Purification

Water Softener + Chlorine Removal

✔ Softens water, removes iron and eliminates odour

✔ Removes chlorine and volatile organic chemicals

✔ Simple fully programmable electronic water softener that doesn’t waste any water

✔ Self-diagnostic service features

✔ Best efficiency water softener that uses 80% less salt than traditional water softeners

✔ Latest modern design uses as little as 2.5lbs of water softening salt and 17 gallons of water per regeneration

✔ Computerized design to measure exact water usage

✔ Compact one-piece cabinet/twin tank design

✔ Uses 80% less salt than traditional water softeners

✔ Power outage protective cell

Lifetime warranty

✔ 12 Volt AC uses less than $3/yr in electricity

✔ Bypass valve

Premium Whole House Filtration System

✔ Removes lead and industrial volatile chemicals

✔ Fully automatic backwashable chemical removal filter

✔ 12-volt transformer that utilizes minimal power consumption less than $3.00 per year

✔ Patented filter distributor that uses 30% less water during backwash reducing water consumption to drain

✔ Removes most chemicals in your water supply such as chlorine, chloramines, volatile and industrial chemicals, providing safe, clean water

✔ Chemical-free system – no chemicals or water softening salt to purchase

✔ No filter cartridges required

10 year warranty

Note: All water hardness, iron and hydrogen sulphide must be removed prior to the chemical removal filter

3-Stage Whole House Filtration System

✔ Removes up to 95% of sediment, chlorine, rust, pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, VOCs, and various other contaminants

✔ Filters the incoming water supply for your entire home

✔ High capacity polypropylene sediment filter achieves filtration down to 5 micron

✔ CTO Carbon Block filters use high-quality coconut shell carbon for maximum filtration efficiency and filter life

✔1in input and output ports handle up to 15 gallons per minute